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Truck Locks

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About Our Truck Locks

Our range of Truck Locks enables you to retrofit brakes to a trolley or mobile equipment ideal for keeping it locked and stable when working around it, loading or offloading. Our Truck Locks are all top plate designs for easy attachment to the underside of your trolley or equipment, with 3 plate sizes to choose from. The foot operated rubber pad will raise the trolley, and wheels, slightly above ground and lock into position creating a secure working platform. The rubber pad on the foot of the truck lock is ideal for securing the equipment into position and prevents slipping and sliding. Truck locks act as brakes, meaning the trolley will not move once the truck lock has been engaged. For best results attach the truck lock close to the corner castors, ensuring that enough space is kept between them to prevent mechanism fouling, whilst allowing for operator access. Moderate force is required to operate the foot mechanism to engage the skid resistant rubber pad.