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International Delivery and Returns


Delivery Worldwide

Delivery worldwide is available, however only UK and European destinations are displayed on our checkout. Orders placed to destinations outside of the EU are also VAT-exempt. For a delivery quote outside of Europe, and to ensure you are not charged UK VAT, please contact us directly.


Orders to Spain

If your order is worth over €150 and is being delivered into Spain, you will be required by Spanish customs to provide a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) number, the 9-digit Spanish National Identity number.

For foreign residents that do not have a DNI number, please provide your NEI number instead (the foreign resident's equivalent to the DNI). If you are a business, please provide your your EORI number.

Please enter your DNI, NEI or EORI number in the optional "EORI" or "purchase order number" field at checkout. If you do not provide this information to us at checkout, you will have the opportunity to provide the information directly to the courier when the normal duty request is made.

Failure to provide one of these identification numbers at checkout or when completing your order over the phone with our sales team may result in your order being held at customs or being returned to us. This may impact your eligibility for refund, or you may be required to pay the delivery charge again for re-delivery.


Orders to France

If you are ordering from a French business, in order to clear Customs please provide us with an EORI number and a VAT number with your order. Any paperwork without this information will be rejected at customs.

You can add this information in the relevant fields at checkout or over the phone with our sales team. Failure to do so may impact your eligibility for a refund. If the item is returned to us, you may be required to pay the shipping fee again to have the order re-delivered.


EORI Numbers

EORI stands for “Economic Operators Registration and Identification number”. Businesses and people wishing to trade must use the EORI number as an identification number in all customs procedures when exchanging information with Customs administrations.

Providing Your EORI Number at Checkout

You will be asked at checkout to provide your EORI number if you are buying on behalf of a European business. Failure to provide this number may result in your order being held at customs or returned to us, which will affect your eligibility for a refund.

If you do not provide this information to us at checkout, you will have the opportunity to provide the information directly to the courier when the normal duty request is made.

What if I Don't Have an EORI Number?

All European businesses should have an EORI number or equivalent. Your country's customs may not use EORI numbers but may use something similar, such as a DNI or NEI. In that case, please provide this number in the EORI or Purchase Order fields at checkout.

If you do not provide this information to us at checkout, you will have the opportunity to provide the information directly to the courier when the normal duty request is made.

If you are a private customer, you will not have an EORI number, nor should you need to provide one.


EU Tax (VAT) and Import Duty

If you are ordering from within the European Union, we do not charge tax (VAT) or import duty at checkout. This will be charged by the courier prior to delivery and is dependent upon order value and each country's specific tax and duty rate, which can be seen below.

Country Standard Import VAT
Austria 20.00%
Belgium 21.00%
Bulgaria 20.00%
Croatia 25.00%
Cyprus 19.00%
Czech Republic 21.00%
Denmark 25.00%
Estonia 20.00%
Finland 24.00%
France 20.00%
Germany 19.00%
Greece 24.00%
Hungary 27.00%
Ireland 23.00%
Italy 22.00%
Latvia 21.00%
Lithuania 21.00%
Luxembourg 17.00%
Malta 18.00%
Netherlands 21.00%
Poland 23.00%
Portugal 23.00%
Romania 19.00%
Slovakia 20.00%
Slovenia 22.00%
Spain 21.00%
Sweden 25.00%

If you are buying online from the EU, you will be required to tick acceptance of these terms and conditions before proceeding to payment. It is your responsibility to pay any country-specific tax and import duty along with any courier admin fees. Our couriers require settlement of fees within 5 working days, or your goods may be returned to us and you may not be refunded. We are not able to provide insight in to how much you may be charged by your courier in handling fees.

By ticking your acceptance at checkout, you are agreeing to pay additional fees separately from your order with us. Refusal to pay any additional charges will not be accepted as a valid reason for refund.


Delivery Costs and Transit Times

Delivery options are available on our website for 21 countries throughout Europe.

For details on delivery to the Republic of Irelandplease click here.

The below table shows all delivery options and transit times available on our website. If your country is not listed, please contact us directly and we will be able to provide you with a competitive delivery rate based on the size of your order.

    Shipping Rate   Transit Time Guide
Destination Up to 30kg(€) 31-60kg(€) 60-90kg(€) (working days)**
Belgium 19.80 39.60 59.40 2-3
France 19.80 39.60 59.40 2-3
Germany 19.80 39.60 59.40 2-3
Luxembourg 19.80 39.60 59.40 2-3
Netherlands 19.80 39.60 59.40 2-3
Denmark 21.94 43.88 65.81 3-4
Finland 32.62 65.24 97.86 5-6
Italy 26.00 52.00 78.00 4-5
Spain 26.00 52.00 78.00 4-5
Sweden 33.00 66.00 99.00 5-6
Austria 22.00 44.00 66.00 3-4
Portugal 33.00 66.00 99.00 5-6
Czech Republic 26.00 52.00 78.00 4-5
Hungary 33.00 66.00 99.00 5-6
Poland 33.00 66.00 99.00 5-6
Norway* 68.00 136.00 204.00 4-5
Switzerland* 48.00 96.00 144.00 3-4
Slovakia 19.66 39.31 - 4-5
Slovenia 33.00 66.00 - 5-6
Estonia 33.00 66.00 - 5-6

Prices may vary owing to currency fluctuations

**Please be aware Transit Times are based upon working days, which are Monday to Friday, and these exclude any public holidays known as Bank Holidays in the UK, and any local holiday customs in the destination country.

*The customs clearance charge of £25 per consignment is included in the shipping rate for Norway and Switzerland


European Couriers

We are partnered with DHL, who are able to provide you with robust European road network coverage. For any orders that exceed our international weight limits at checkout, or to countries not listed at checkout, a custom quote can be generated for you by our sales team. This may involve using a different courier based on the size, weight and value of the order, as well as destination country. Please contact us for more information.


Tracking and Re-delivery

Our couriers will contact you with a consignment number when your parcel has been dispatched. You can use this number to track your parcel directly with the courier, or contact us to get the information for you.

The process of re-delivery may vary depending on you country and the courier being used.


Changing Your Delivery Address

You can update your information on the courier's app/website or contact us (Please note delivery will be rescheduled for the next working day).


If you require any assistance with your delivery please contact us.


Expedited Delivery Options

If your order is urgent, please contact us directly to arrange for a competitive air shipment quote. Alternatively, you can select the collect option on our shipment page during checkout, and arrange for your own courier to collect from our UK depot. If you select collection, we will be in contact by email to arrange a collection date and time.


For Orders Over 90kg

If your order is over 90kg and being delivered outside the UK, then our web site will automatically ask you contact us directly for a shipping quote. We will offer you an alternative pallet delivery service, to ensure you receive your goods in time. Please contact us for more information.


28 Day Returns

If you are not satisfied with your goods, ordered the wrong size, or simply don’t think they will meet your requirements, simply return them to us along with your delivery note and a short explanation of why you require a refund within 28 days of purchase and we will either exchange the items or refund you once the items are received.

We recommend that you contact us before sending the items back, just to be sure that we will be able to refund you. Please note that items damaged through use cannot be refunded.

We do recommend that you use a recorded delivery method to return your items and insure them as we cannot be held responsible for goods that are lost or damaged whilst in transit to us. You should retain proof of postage and note that we cannot guarantee to be able to reimburse you for the cost of the return postage. Refunds generally will not include the cost of the original delivery method. You may also incur additional courier fees as a result of the return, which are your responsibility to pay and we cannot guarantee to be able to reimburse these costs.


Please be aware returns of sack trucks, trolleys and mobile steps are liable to a restocking charge.

Full terms and conditions can be seen below.

Terms & Conditions

Import Fees & Courier Handling Charges

Prior to ordering on our website, you will be asked to agree to pay any import tax and duty separately, along with admin fees set by the courier. Due to the payment of these fees being the customer's responsibility and being separate from your order with us, we are unable to offer any refunds that are due to refusal to pay these fees.

Missing or Incorrect Delivery Information

Delivery of your order may be denied at customs or by the courier if the delivery information provided to us at checkout is incorrect or incomplete (including missing EORI numbers or equivalent). In these cases, the items will be returned to us after a period of time held at customs or by the courier. If the items are returned to us in this manner, we reserve the right to charge for a second shipping attempt. Whilst every effort will be made to contact you if we discover that the required identification number has not been provided with the order, this is not our responsibility and failure to provide this number when purchasing may impact your eligibility for a refund.

Please contact us for any assistance.