Apex Castors

Probably the Best Castors in the World these Ergonomic CC Apex Castors make moving heavy loads a piece of cake! Choose from either American Plate Sizes or UK Metric Sizes. Our Range of CC Apex Ergonomic castors and wheels are specifically designed to reduce the amount of force required in pushing or pulling equipment. The combination of a strong bonded polyurethane tyre, doughnut in design, with a kingpinless castor head, ensures effortless movement and maintenance free castor solution. This castor has taken America by storm, often used in automotive production lines, as it is ideal for towing with its anti-flutter design. It’s now a big hit in our range, choose from a variety of sizes, in stock for next day delivery!

"We tested the CC Apex Castors on support trolleys and frames. These carry substantial weight and have always been an issue to move down the production line. Happy to say the trial went well and the guys that move the frames are delighted with the result. They say that there was much easier manoeuvrability and control. All production trolleys will now have these CC Apex Castors on them!" - John Bedford – Automotive Process Engineer

Browse our range of American CC Apex Casters and Wheels or choose from our UK metric range of CC Apex Ergonomic Castors and Wheels In Stock for Next Day Delivery!