Measure Handwheels and Handgrips?


How to Measure Hand wheels, Thumbscrews, Ballknobs and T Grips

There are 2 key measurements you need to check?

  • 1. Is it Male or Female Thread
  • 2. What’s the Thread Size ( M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 )

Male or Female Thread

Handwheels, Thumb Screws, T Grips and clamping handles are chosen by weather they have a male or female thread.

Male Thread

Female Thread

Thread Size

Our Handwheels, Thumb Screws, T Grips and clamping handles come with a range of thread diameters from M5 up to M16.

How to choose the correct Handgrips?

In order to choose the correct handgrip, it is important to measure the external diameter of the tube or handlebar the grip is going onto. We offer handgrips from 12.5mm ( ½”) up to 32mm (1.1/4”). As a check you could measure the internal diameter of the handgrip and the two measurements should be the same. We offer economy up to heavy duty handgrips, and one of the most popular styles in the natural rubber handgrip version.

Handle Grip