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LAG's Medium duty Stainless steel range of castors is Pressed in 304 grade stainless steel. The INOX 20 series is availble with either a top plate, bolt hole or threaded stem fitting. Availble in sizes from 80mm upto 200mm this comprehensive range can be fitted with a multitude of wheel options. Uniquely the high temperature version comes fitted with a crystaline thermoplastic dust ring to stop dirt entering the swivel race. The INOX20 range can be supplied in swivel, swivel braked or fixed versions. Load capacites range from 120Kg to 370Kg per castor.


The INOX 40 is a heavy duty stainless steel range of castors. Pressed in 304 stainless steel with a riveted king pin the range can handle load capacities of upto 600Kg per castor. Available in swivel, braked or fixed castors LAG's INOX 40 can only be supplied with a top plate fitting in 100mm, 125mm, 160mm or 200mm. Wheel options are also limited to nylon or polyurethane.


A versatile range the M22 has numerous fitting options including, top plate, bolt hole, solid stem and threaded stem. This medium duty pressed steel castor range can be supplied in either swivel, braked or fixed with rubber, nylon or polyurethane wheels. Sizes range from 80mm up to and including 200mm. Load capacities start at 50Kg going up to 300Kg.


The M40 is LAG'S medium heavy duty range of pressed steel castors. A versatile range with a top plate fitting, this range can be supplied with a number of braking options including a trailing or leading footbrake and directional lock. The M40 series can be fitted with either a blue elasticated rubber wheel, nylon or polyurethane with both nylon and metal centres. Load capacities range from 150Kg to 450Kg. A comprehensive range of wheel diameters are available starting from 80mm upto 250mm.


A heavy duty range of castors the P60 is available in wheel sizes 80, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 and 250mm that can be supplied in either nylon, elasticated rubber with an aluminium centre or polyurethane with a nylon, aluminium or cast iron centre. Options include swivel and fixed castors. The P60 also incorporates LAG's multitude of braking options including trailing or leading and a directional lock. Load capacities can go upto 800Kg.


LAG's E70 range of extra heavy duty castors encorporates a tapered roller bearing in the swivel head and a heavy duty gauge top plate. With load capacities in excess of 3 tons per castor the E70 series is made to last. Offering a range of sizes including a low level heavy duty 80mm and a massive 400mm wheel option. Available with either a nylon wheel or polyurethane wheel with a cast iron centre. Directional locks and a leading footbrake are available in some sizes.


The G80 is a fabricated extra heavy duty twin wheel castor. Ideal for use where load capacity is key, ranging from 900Kg to a massive 6,200Kg. Wheel diameters available are 100 up to 400mm in either nylon or polyurethane with a cast iron centre. Directional locks are available on all sizes on and above 125mm.


A specialist spring fitting medium duty castor, the M34 is designed for manouvering delicate items without causing stress or damage. Fitted with a polyurethane buffer spring with 25mm movement the nominal load capacity of the castors has been set at 3/4 of the springs maximum deflection. Wheels available in nylon or polyurethane with a cast iron centre.