Product sourcing from around the Globe

We Are The Experts

With over 40 years expertise in the Castors Wheels and Material Handling business we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products in stock and available when you need them. But if you just can’t find what you want here’s how we at Ross Castors can help. For bespoke solutions contact our sales team for more information on 0116 2764987 or drop us an e mail [email protected]


We can source special orders Globally - here are some recent examples

Global Sourcing

We are able to source globally and deliver locally. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the right product for your application, whatever your needs (and we’ve had some strange requests!)

If we don’t make it and have it in stock, we can find out who does, and with our excellent relationships with global suppliers and couriers we will arrange everything. Hassle free and headache free is our way of doing business. We have no ties to any one brand or manufacturer which means we can literally scour the globe to find what you need, at the best price and quickest lead time.

Case Study 1 : Retro Design for Retail

A recent example from a shop fitting client was they wanted retro castors on all of their retail clothes rails across their UK stores. Unsatisfied with the options offered in the UK they came to us, as the experts, and we sourced an American product for them that fit their brief exactly. The vintage castors delivered against the durable but retro design they required.

Case Study 2 : Automotive Industry Rolling Resistance

A Client manufacturing automotive parts came to us with a specific problem. Their automotive parts were too heavy to manoeuvre easily around their warehouse and they found changes of direction impossible when the trolleys were carrying heavy loads. All their equipment was American which meant any replacement castors also had to suit imperial plate configurations. We were able to source globally and offer them as castors with the lowest rolling resistance and easiest to manoeuvre as the wheel was more offset than usual. All this AND an imperial American plate size to suit which meant the Ergonomic castors could be fitted easily.

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