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The Revvo TS1 series castors is a range of light duty flat top plated castors available in 40, 50 or 63mm wheel diameters and with the option of either a nylon or grey rubber wheel. The TS1 range can be supplied either as a swivel or fixed castor. Optional extras for the Revvo TS1 range of castors inclue a footbrake, triangular top plate and threadguards. Load capacities are low at upto 50Kg. Also available is the BS range with a M8 bolt fitting.



Revvo's TS2 top plate castor series is available in 50, 75 and 100mm diameter wheels in either a swivel, fixed or braked castor. The wheel options available in the Revvo TS2 castors range are nylon and grey rubber. Optional extras are a triangular top plate and threadguards. Load capacities range from 36Kg to 75Kg. Also available as a M10 bolt hole fitting in the Revvo BS2 series.



A light duty pressed steel range of Revvo castors, the TS3 range offers castor wheel sizes including 63mm, 75, 100mm and 125mm. Nylon, grey rubber and cast iron with polyurethane and rubber are all available. The TS3 offers swivel, fixed and braked top plate castors with load capacities ranging from 30Kg to 125Kg. Triangular top plates and threadgurads are both available as optional extras. The TS3 range is available with a M12 bolt hole fitting the BS3 series.



Revvo's most comprehensive range of castor wheels the TS4 series are pressed steel with a single ball race swivel head. Castor wheel diameters are 75, 100 and 125mm. The TS4 series has a multitude of wheel options including nylon, phenolic resin, cast iron and cast iron with rubber or polyurethane tyres. A choice of top plate sizes are also available in the Revvo TS4 range of castors. Different styles of brakes are available including a wheel lock, footbrake and swivel and wheel lock. Threadguards and rubber head seals can also be fitted to the TS4 range of castor wheels. Load capacities range from 80Kg upto 365Kg. Also available as a M12 bolt hole castor in the BS4 series.



The TS5 series of castors can cater for loads up to 1,000Kg. Available in either 150mm or 200mm diameter wheels this single ball race range of castors is available with lots of castor wheel options including nylon, cast iron, polyurethane on nylon and cast iron with rubber or polyurethane. There are 3 brake options available, wheel lock, footbrake or a swivel and wheel lock. Threadguards and head seals are also available as optional extras. The BS5 series can be supplied as a unique M19 bolt hole fitting.



Revvo castors TSE series is a pressed steel castor range with a double ball race. Available in 100, 125, 160 and 200mm swivel, fixed or swivel and wheel lock castors. Wheel options available are nylon, polypropylene, polyurethane, non marking grey rubber and black rubber with plastic, pressed steel and aluminium centres. Triangular top plates, threadguards and rubber heads seals are all optional extras.



The TSG series top plate fixing castors provides a bridge between pressed steel and the more robust fabricated range. Suitable for loads up to 450Kg they come in 100, 125, 150 and 200mm diameter castors. Fitted with either nylon, cast iron or cast iron with rubber or polyurethane wheels. Optional extras include a wheel lock, footbrake and a 4 way directional lock.



Revvo's TSH series top plate range of fabricated castors are strong and extremely robust. Supplied with nylon seals and a hydraulic grease nipple for easy maintenance it is a castor with real clout. Complimented by Revvo's range of heavy duty nylon, cast iron, steel and polyurethane wheel this castor is suitable for the most hardened enviroments. Wheel sizes range from 100mm up to 300mm with load capacities reaching 1,500Kg. The Revvo TSH series offers 3 top plate sizes and can be supplied a wheel brake, swivel and wheel brake, wheel lock as braking options. A specialist leverlock can also be fitted where a rocking pedal presses a plunger onto the wheel and also locks the swivel. A 2 way directional lock is also available to retro fit.



Revvo castors twin wheel version of their TSH series of castor wheels has a larger 'footprint' for easier turning due to differentail action of the wheels. The 2SH fabricated twin wheel castor range is available in 125, 150 and 200mm with either cast iron or polyurethane on cast iron. A wheel lock, directional and lock leverlock are available. The 2SH fabriacted twin castor can carry loads up to 1,500Kg.



The TSP series encorporates two large diameter hardened ball races, which makes it ideal for tow trailer applications. Maximum towing speeds of 6kph or 3.7mph for maximum load capacities. Wheel types are cast iron, polyurethane on cast iron, rubber on cast iron and steel, available in 150, 200, 250 and 250mm diameters. The fabricated TSP series can be fitted with a 4 way directional or footbrake. Load capacities for the TSPO fabricated castor is up to 2,000Kg.



A comprehensive range of scaffold castors from the British castors manufacturer Revvo. Available in 2 different styles the SS series with an offset wheel available in 100, 125, 150 and 200mm diameter nylon, cast iron, polyurethane and rubber wheels. Offered in a wide range of sized socket or plug fittings with load capacities up to 820Kg or the SJE series which has a zero offset and is paticularly designed for aluminium scaffolding. Wheel diameters for the Revvo SJE series of castors are 125, 150 and 200mm. Fittings are either a 38mm plug, 50.8mm socket or top plate with load capacities up to 1,000Kg. Brakes are available on both ranges to ensure maximum safety is achievable.


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