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Furniture/Design Castors

The furniture and design range of Tente castors is so vast it offers a solution to most applications whether it is chairs or furniture. Tente's synthetic castor range starts as small as 35mm and goes up to 125mm with a multitude of sizes in between. Available in either single or twin wheel castor varieties the ranges can be supplied with numerous fitting options, top plate, threaded stem, bolt hole, plug fitting or circlip. Most styles offer a variety of colours to choose from and can be supplied braked or un-braked.


Hospital Bed Castors

A leader in the hospital bed castor industry. Tente castors are at the forefront of innovation and design in this market. Offering a range of sizes in both pressed steel and synthetic, Tente's bed castor series are available with fittings to suit almost any application.


2470 Series

Tente's 2470 series is a high-quality institutional castor. Made of pressed steel with a double ball bearing swivel head the 2470 series can be supplied with lots of fitting options including top plate, bolt hole, steel plug or circlip. They can also be fitted with either a round or square expander to suit varying tube diameters. Sizes available include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm wheel diameter options. These can be supplied in thermoplastic rubber, grey rubber or in an electroconductive version with either plastic or metal centres. Thread guards can be fitted on some sizes. Load capacities range from 40Kg to 100Kg.


2340 Series

The 2340 series is almost identical to the 2470 castor series however it is supplied with a precision ball bearing instead of a double ball bearing. The benefits of using a precision ball bearing castor include maximum noise reduction and smooth running.


3470 Series

A comprehensive range of industrial castors Tentes 3470 series of castors offers users a multitude of sizes and wheel options. Supplied with either a top plate or single bolt hole fitting this range of industrial castors offers load capacities from 50kg to 400Kg. Castor wheel diameters range from 80mm to 200mm and can be supplied in swivel, fixed or with a complete swivel and wheel brake. Directional locks are also available on sizes from 125mm. Wheel options are considerable and include black rubber, grey rubber, elasticated rubber, nylon, polypropylene, pneumatic and polyurethane. This 3470 series range of pressed steel castors can also be fitted with 3 different high temperature castor wheels or noise reduced wheels if required.


3640 Series

The 3640 series of castors are of heavy duty pressed steel construction. Utilizing a precision ball bearing swivel head the 3640 castor series can be towed up to 6kmh. Available in 125mm, 160mm and 200mm this top plate fitting range of castors can be supplied with rubber, nylon or polyurethane wheels with either aluminium or cast iron centres. A wide range of optional extras are available including directional locks, double locks and a foot protector. A central locking mechanism can also be fitted. Load capacities range from 240Kg up to 600Kg.


4680 Series

Tente's 4680 series top plate fitting castor is made of very heavy duty pressed steel with a double ball bearing swivel head. Available in swivel, fixed or swivel and wheel brake with 125mm, 160mm, 200mm and 250mm diameter wheels. The 4680 series heavy duty castor can be supplied with rubber wheels with aluminium centres, nylon wheels or polyurethane with either cast iron ar aluminium centres. Load capacities go up to 800Kg. Optional extras are directional locks or foot protectors.


9680 Series

A heavy duty fabricated castor the 9680 has a threaded kingpin for extra strength. With load capacities up to 2.4 tonnes, this fabricated castor is man enough for almost any application. Tente's 9680 series fabricated castor comes in an encompassing range of sizes from 80mm up to 300mm. With castor wheel options of heavy duty nylon, rubber with steel or aluminium centres and polyurethane with cast iron or aluminium centres. Castor options are swivel, fixed and swivel with wheel brake. Optional extras are a 2 way or 4-way directional lock and foot protectors.


9250 Series

Designed for high loads the 9250 is a fabricated castor with a deep groove ball thrust and tapered roller bearings. Supplied with 100mm wide polyurethane wheels with cast iron centres and ball journals in the following wheel diameters 250mm, 300mm or 400mm. Available in only swivel or fixed with load capacities ranging from 2,200Kg to 3,840Kg.


Stainless Steel Castors

Tente offers a wide range of Stainless Steel castors to mirror the pressed steel institutional and industrial ranges. Available in castor wheel diameters starting at 50mm the range includes lots of wheel diameters to choose from including 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm and 200mm.There are also varied wheel options available including nylon, black or grey rubber, elasticated rubber and polyurethane with electro conductive wheels also available. Load capacities range from 40Kg to 500Kg.