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About Our Wheelbarrow Wheels

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  1. Haemmerlin & Chillington Wheelbarrow Wheels
    We have teamed up with Haemmerlin Wheelbarrows to offer you a range of Haemmerlin and Chillington replacement wheelbarrow wheels. By offering you this great selection of replacement wheelbarrow wheels you no longer need to buy a new wheelbarrow! The 400 series are for Haemmerlin branded wheelbarrows and the 350 series for Chillington. * PLEASE CHECK EXISTING WHEEL MEASUREMENTS BEFORE ORDERING *
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    Product Code Wheel Diameter Wheel Diameter Load Capacity (kg) Load Capacity Tread Width (mm) Tread Width (mm) Hub Bore (mm) Hub Bore (mm) Price 1+
    (ex. VAT)
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    PW-400 400 150kg 100 14


    PW-350 350 150kg 100 14


    PFW-400 400 150kg 100 14


    SPFW-350 350 150 15


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  2. Haemmerlin & Chillington Accessories
    Accessories to suit modern versions of Haemmerlin and Chillington wheelbarrow wheels (PLEASE SPEAK TO OUR SALES TEAM IF YOU ARE UNSURE ON MEASUREMENTS)
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    Product Code Thread Size (D1) Thread Size (D1) Price 1+
    (ex. VAT)
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    HAK-1 Axle Fixing Kit M10






    HAK-1 Tray Fittings M10


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